About Agilish

Welcome to Agilish, a blog dedicated to sharing experience gained from leveraging Agile values and principles in the real world.  I will also share examples from others that I have come across and try to relate these examples back Agile values and principles.  I believe that understanding Agile is a journey, not a destination and inspiration can often come from sharing the success of others.

I hope that a lot of what you read here will sound like common sense.  From my experience, common sense is not always common practice, especially when working for large corporations that have complex, constantly changing command and control structures.  It is never easy to deliver projects of any size, shape or kind, but it can be done and we will learn some lessons and share some good examples here.

The theme of this blog is Agile and I intend to share some hindsight and real-world examples to help you find the path to successful delivery for your projects, happy clients and rewarding work.  That is the theme, but I plan on writing about other topics as well.  For more on this, please read my "Blog About My Blog".

About Chris Fuller

I am currently working as a Solution Architect for Northern Trust Corporation in Chicago. 
As an employee of Northern Trust, I am obligated to state that this blog contains only my personal views and any views or opinions presented in this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

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