1. able to apply Agile Values and Principles to execute a plan quickly and easily

"The team worked in an Agilish way to meet their deadline in spite of unplanned obstacles."

2. relating to or denoting a method of project executing project management that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.

"Agilish methods apply Agile concepts to different types and sizes of projects."

The concept of Agilish is that not all projects are the same.  Applying Agile Values and Principles can benefit any project of any size (including projects that have no software at all).  This is the Agilish blog and wiki where we share information, code samples along with Agilish ideas and concepts.

Working in an Agile way is always best.  Because projects vary widely in type of project, risk, complexity, team size, funding, etc, understanding how to apply Agile to our specific project may not be easy and the path may not be clear. 

For example, your project may benefit from a waterfall project plan. Most Agile practitioners would shudder if you suggested that a traditional waterfall project plan. If we have a project that crosses teams or crosses companies even, a formal waterfall plan may be required to agreed project plans and deadlines.  This may look very much like waterfall.  The Agilish approach is to apply Agile Values and Principles to imagine, build, test and deliver incremental changes within the structure of a traditional waterfall project plan (should such a plan be needed).  

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